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Top 3 Benefits of Monthly Web Design Packages

It’s 2023 and having a website is a must for any business. Obviously there are benefits to a business having a website but what are the benefits of your business having a monthly web design package rather then working with a traditional agency or trying to do it yourself? We’ll today that is what we are going to cover and get ready because there are a lot of them.

Please note – not all pay monthly web design packages are made equal. Different agencies offer different packages at different price points. As you probably know, Worldwide Web Designs offers pay monthly web design packages however, something you may not know is that we started out as a traditional web design agency. While we might have some bias in favor of monthly web design packages, everything covered in this article is accurate and we are even going to take it a step further to prove that. Well, to the best of our ability at least… Rather then pulling a random web design agency off the internet, we will be comparing our current pay monthly web design packages versus how our agency used to operate before we specialized in pay monthly website packages.

What is a monthly web design package?

Technically you can buy “just a website” but for it to be online and accessible to the world you need for it to be hosted on a server. For people to access it on the server it also needs to be connected to a domain. You also have to consider what the website is built using. Do you have professional grade content and copy to put on it? Do you know what keywords you should be targeting to maximize your search potential? What about when it comes time for maintenance; do you know how to update your website? Or how to protect it from DDOS attacks and malware? For a businesses website to be truly successful it needs a multitude of things and all of those things all can be confusing, overwhelming and expensive. Traditional web design agencies usually charge a large upfront fee ($1000-$5000 for an informational business website) plus a monthly fee. Web design packages on the other hand, take care of everything for you so you can focus on your business. At Worldwide Web Designs, when a client needs a website, all they do is pay one affordable, predictable monthly price and they get everything they need taken care of. This includes the full website build but also content creation, search engine optimization, hosting, regular maintenance and more. We like to compare it to having a full time web designer on staff. This not only saves time and money but you also end up with a better website since every aspect of it is working perfectly together in sync.

What benefits do monthly web design packages have?

I love working with websites but they can be needy. They need content, maintenance, hosting, security, search engine optimization and more. Usually when a small business needs a website they will hire an agency and think that’s all they have to do but in reality that could not be further from the truth (unless you get a web design package of course) anyways, the traditional agency will usually say “ok, what do you want to do about hosting? Here are your options…” or “do you have any content? If not, here are your options…” I always hated this. A small business owner wants a website – just build them a gosh darn website!

Put simply, the benefits of a pay monthly web design package are:

  • Affordability
  • Quality
  • Convenience

Realistically I could come up with a lot more reasons why but I want to keep this article as simple as possible so I am going to break them down in those three digestible categories.


To say web design packages are more affordable then working with a traditional agency would be an understatement. There are so many costs involved in a website that people don’t realize. Today we are going to compare the average cost of each service versus what is included in our $99 month small business web design plan. However, the cost of a website varies an incredible amount. You can find agencies online who charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for website development and you can find freelancers who offer it incredibly cheap. In order to be as transparent as possible, I am going to be comparing the price of our $99/mo Small Business Web Design Plan with what we used to charge, when Worldwide Web Designs was a traditional agency, before we switched to this package model.

ServiceTraditional Agency PricingMonthly Package Pricing
Informational Website Design$1000Included in our $99/mo plan
On-Page SEO$200-$500Included in our $99/mo plan
Hosting$30 per monthIncluded in our $99/mo plan
Regular Maintenance$40 per monthIncluded in our $99/mo plan
Domain$12-$20 annuallyIncluded in our $99/mo plan
Content Creation / Copy$500Included in our $99/mo plan
Updates$30 per hourIncluded in our $99/mo plan
Final Cost$1850 upfront + $856 per year (not including updates)$99 per month

Not only is it more affordable to get a web design package but it is also more predictable. As a business owner, knowing your website is going to be 100% taken care of is a great feeling. You don’t have to worry about the increase of hosting of costs or having to pay a bunch if you need a page updated. This is obviously a very basic rundown of website costs; if you would like to learn more about all of the costs involved in a website I recently wrote up a detailed guide to small business website costs which you could see by clicking here.


The quality of a website is so important. That seems obvious but the amount of terrible websites online is shocking. The whole point of a website is to show off your business and help your customers / clients. However, I have come across countless terrible websites that actually provided the opposite effect. For example, the other day I tried to book a quote with a local roofing company. When booking an appointment you had to do it a minimum of one week out; however, the available times to book the appointment were uploaded on a weekly basis meaning it was not possible for an appointment to be booked. After spending 20 minutes trying to find a workaround I finally called the company and informed them about the bug. They recently “upgraded” to this new booking system and were shocked to learn for the last few weeks people were not able to book their services online. Due to this one bug they lost countless customers.

That is a very specific example but more often then not, the business just had a simply bad website. It loads slow, it looks bad, its unresponsive or looks like it was built in 1995. When you have a pay monthly website package from Worldwide Web Designs (we can’t speak to the quality of our competitors) it’s like having a full web design agency on staff. A big problem in this industry nowadays is that websites have become very easy to publish. If someone knows how to upload a few pictures and text they suddenly think they are a web designer but just because they can build a website doesn’t mean they can build a good website.

That explains why website quality is important but why are website design packages a better quality then working with a traditional agency?

Even if you get your website built by the best agency in the business, you might have differing opinions on design. Or you might like the design at first but then want to change something a few weeks down the line. Or maybe you love everything about the website and never want to change it but then Google updates their algorithm and your website needs to be updated to best work with it. With a web design package you get consistent quality for a consistent price and peace of mind that you are taken care of no matter what.


Time is money and getting a website takes a lot of time for a business. Before we offered this monthly web design package option, whenever I had someone ask for a website, I would always think to myself “you have no idea what you are getting yourself into”. Not that getting a website is bad (obviously) but it is a ton of work. There are so many questions I needed to ask the and most of the time they didn’t know the answer, most business owners just want a website that looks good and functions well and that is exactly what you get with a web design package.

So how does getting a web design package work with Worldwide Web Designs?

Step 1) You select one of three web design packages depending what your needs are. The features of each package are laid out simply throughout our website but if you want to keep it straight forward you can click here to see the web design packages we offer. If you need help you can tell us your needs and we’ll tell you what package is right for you. Once you select the web design package that works best for you, you can checkout securely on our website using any debit or credit card, same as if you were buying a shirt on Amazon.

Step 2) Once you pick your package and checkout, you will be provided with a very basic form. On average it is only 10 questions long and includes questions like “What is your business name?” , “What is your business contact information?” , “Can you name a couple of websites you like the design of?”. The form could be filled out on our website but if you prefer, we can also do it over the phone or through email.

Step 3) When we receive your completed form we’ll begin building your website right away. After one to two weeks we’ll have the first draft ready for you to see. You can request any revisions you’d like and we’ll make them; then the website will go live! From that point on you can have us update it as much as you want and we’ll take care of everything 100%. That means no worrying about maintenance, security, or anything else! You can focus on your business and we will focus on your website.

While we obviously recommend ourselves for all web design packages, in most cases no matter who you get your web design package from will provide you with an easier time then having to purchase all of the services separately like you would have to do when dealing with most traditional web design agencies / freelancers. Without a doubt though I can say Worldwide Web Designs offers the most convenient way to get a professional small business website in the world.


In conclusion, it’s 2023, and the significance of having a website for your business cannot be overstated. But why opt for a monthly web design package instead of the traditional agency route or the DIY approach? Today, we’ve explored the multitude of advantages these packages bring to the table. It’s essential to note that not all pay monthly web design packages are created equal, and while Worldwide Web Designs may have a preference, our insights remain unbiased. Monthly web design packages encompass everything your business needs, from website construction and content creation to search engine optimization, hosting, and ongoing maintenance, offering affordability, quality, and unmatched convenience.

If you are considering purchasing a web design package I highly suggest you check out our ultimate guide to web design packages article which covers what you should expect out of your web design package, what you should look out for and avoid and more. Thanks for reading and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to comment them down below or reach out to us directly by visiting our support page.

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